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The restaurant is closed to the public while filming takes place.The restaurant is fitted with 42 cameras and there are at least 70 crew members on set during filming, which lasts 15 hours a day.The first season was filmed at Le Vieux Castillon in Castillon-du-Gard offering idyllic settings with a variety of activities for the successful second daters, and added sommelier Xavier Chapelou to Fred Sirieix’s team.The restaurant's maître d' Fred Sirieix offers pieces to camera on the nature of love, romance and dating.

Laura previously studied at Strode's College, in Egham, Surrey. The stunning waitress has seen herself the object of some unwanted desire in the First Dates restaurant, most memorably by playboy Ben - who flirted with Laura while his date Daisy was in the toilet.Besides the cute couplings and awkward dating faux-pas however, the question on everybody's lips is - where is the restaurant and can I eat there?You’ll be pleased to know that the venue is very real and, yes, you can dine there.The show had been planned before Salman Abedi killed 23 people by detonating a rucksack outside an Ariana Grande concert, but producers made the decision to carry on regardless. 'Who on earth thought it would be a good idea to put prosthetics on somebody to make them a caricature of people of a different race (as if being white and muslim are exclusive anyway??? ' Ms Freeman, 44, said her experience on the show changed her outlook on Islam entirely.But when the trailer was posted onto You Tube through the broadcaster's official channel on Tuesday, many questioned the way she was transformed, seemingly to conform to stereotypes. When she first started she said that she would try to avoid sitting next to a Muslim because 'you see them and think "they're going to blow something up".' But as she strolls through the city, she was shocked at the racist comments that were routinely shouted at her, and how it made her feel. However, she was eventually considered to stay by her host, 49-year-old Saima Alvi, who told her she faces such abuse every day.

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She and fellow waitress Ci Ci Coleman have a great on-screen chemistry and are often seen messing around, much to maitre d’ Fred Sirieix's annoyance.